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Development is a team effort. It is an investment in the future of your organization.

When your organization begins to look for long-term funding solutions, a development plan, which encompasses 5 distinct areas, should be implemented. The plan begins with the basic areas of fundraising and eventually encompasses all aspects.

Review our Fundraising Checklist to see if your organization is ready!
Reviewed the checklist and ready to move forward?
1. Annual Appeals (Annual Fund / Direct Mail Campaign)
The most well-known campaign is the annual appeal, also called Annual Fund or Direct Mail Campaign. Usually sent out around the Winter Holidays, many non-profits follow up with a Spring Appeal to provide campaign updates and ask for support from those that previously did not give during the Holidays.

Learn more about Annual Appeals including a Sample Donor Letter and Why You Should Send Thank You Notes.  
2. Grant Writing / Proposal Writing
Grants usually come from three (3) major sources:
   Independent Foundations / Charitable Funds,
   Corporations, and
Grant research and writing is very important to the future of your organization.

Learn more about Grant Writing and how to find funding. 
3. Major Donors / Major Gifts
As donations increase your non-profit will start to identify major contributors. Each organization sets a level of giving they refer to as `major` and then focuses increased time and resources on those donors.

Learn more about Identifying and Handling Major Donors
4. Planned Giving and Deferred Giving
Many fundraising professionals realize the single largest donation an organization is likely to receive will be generated by a planned or deferred gift given `during-life` or `after-life`.

Planned Giving, a Glossary of Terms, and How To Get Started
5. Special Events
Put the FUN back in FUNdraising to motivate new and established donors - a great way to raise more funding and awareness!

Special Event Tips and Ideas 
Once familiar with the development plan, the next step is to concentrate on the daily tasks. Keep privacy and confidentiality in mind and remember that inadequate staffing leads to overworked, frustrated, and unhappy fundraisers.

Here are a few more tips to help you out!

Download the Next Steps which includes Donor Database Ideas, Volunteer Recruitment and Board Member resources